By law, you have to ask the Club Secretary for an invitation to the Club. He will arrange to meet you and introduce you to the other members.

New members without a Firearms Certificate may not shoot on their first visit. Holders of an F.A.C. and/or a Shotgun Certificate may shoot on their first visit.

All visitors and members must sign the register and fill out the shooting details including the Serial Numbers of any firearm(s) brought into the range. All guns must be kept in the gun room with actions opened and magazines out.Never load a gun until on the firing point and instructed to do so by the range officer or person in charge.

When shooting has finished you must show your weapon is empty and have it cleared by the range officer before leaving the firing point. All empties and ammunition boxes etc. should be removed from the range. There is a dedicated bin for empty cases. Please do not place them in the general rubbish bins.



Membership is yearly and costs: £80 per year. No green fees.